Dog Theft on the Common

A message from a member. “There are loads of mentions of aggressive confrontations with travellers on my local timelines and I can tell you they’re happening – it happened to me!

On Wednesday 14th July I was walking around the Warwick racecourse when I witnessed a young couple being chased by a new style Land Rover Defender carrying four males (who later admitted they were travellers).

They were ‘interested’ in the couples dog who were walking on the Common.

I and others members of the public ran to the aid of the young couple.

I decided (at the spur of the moment) that the best thing to do was confront them, so I ran over and videod them and told them everything they did from now on was being filmed and that we’d called the police and that I would share all evidence with them.

They backed off (after threatening to hit me!), and eventually the police arrived.

I have 15 minutes of footage of aggressive and unnecessary behaviour against a young woman who was still physically shaking.

Please be careful. I hate to make sweeping statements about any group, but they admitted (on camera) to being a travelling community.

The various reports on social mention the same 21 plate black Defender.

Please be vigilant and film them. They know they’ll get away with it and you don’t want to fight them. But as a community we need to let them know (as we did on Wednesday) that we won’t be victims of theft.

As I said to the travellers, I have no issue with their choice of lifestyle, just the way they attack ours.

Lock your doors. Don’t walk alone. Capture and share what you can on social media. Be safe.”

Subsequently social media was used and 700 shares made very quickly. All friends of local park organisations were advised to look out for the person below or his three colleagues. There have been reports of similar issues at Priory Park car park. The vehicle was different! There is money in dog and car theft!

Travellers like dogs on Warwick Common.