Update for members

New Year message 2022 from committee of FoSML.

Dear Member,

As 2022 starts, we wanted to update members on the work of our committee during the past year in pursuing our aims for St. Mary’s Lands (our Warwick Common).

Our Management Committee has had a very positive and constructive meeting with the Leader of Warwick District Council, the portfolio holder with responsibility for St. Marys Lands and the Chief Executive.  Many issues of concern were on the agenda, including the following: –

FoSML report on the basic public consultation on the fencing and alternative solutions

Status of Working Party

Locked gate on cycle route

Impose speed limit round the inner surfaced path

Gog Brook Pathway

Parked cars on Common

Litter – extra litter bins requested


We are awaiting responses, particularly on our report and we shall update you on progress as soon as we have any further information.  You may wish to check our website from time to time – www.friendsofstmaryslands.com

Meanwhile, we thank you for your continued support and wish you all a very happy and safe New Year.

The Management Committee

Friends of St. Mary’s Lands

Dear Members,

There has been little to report since our last AGM and, unfortunately, with the current Covid-19 constraints, we are unable to set a date for our next meeting.

However, our Group was invited to send a representative once again to the meetings of the Warwick District Council’s St. Marys Lands Working Party and our representative attended a meeting in February this year.

Disappointingly it was decided that minutes would no longer be kept.  However, we can report on the proposals discussed at that meeting which were to form the substance of a report to the Executive in April this year.  Our Committee are to be asked to a meeting with the Consultant to comment on these proposals before the report is submitted but subsequent events have halted any progress on this.

Items discussed were:-

  • The flying hours for the Model Aeroplane Club in light of an Ecology Report.
  • Golf Centre – they are proposing to reduce the size of the holes and set up a café and children’s playing area.
  • No speed limit in place
  • Cars parked overnight on the Racecourse
  • Our representative brought up the lack of planning permission for the centre stand
  • Cycle track route and surface
  • Dog fouling
  • A plan was handed out for signage and seating for Friends to discuss and agree.
  • Friends reiterated that we want no loss of green space
  • Temporary closure notice applied to public footpath WB14 within St. Marys Lands (bridge now completed),
  • 120 bed Hotel – Flood Risk Assessment passed (Friends requested a copy of report).

The Committee have been in discussion about these proposals and look forward to meeting with the Consultant to make their views known before the Report is finalised for the Executive meeting.  This will probably be much later this year as it has been decided that any contentious proposals can only be put forward when the Public can be fully and democratically involved.  During any such discussions, we shall be mindful of the 1,200 signature petition requesting WDC:-

“To honour their earlier commitments to the residents of the town of Warwick and fully protect St Mary Lands Warwick, from any further development which would impact upon the open nature of the land, or reduce the amount of land available for free public recreation.”

 A resolution passed unanimously by our members also stated, “The Friends of St. Mary’s Lands are opposed to the building of a hotel on the Race Common on the grounds of road safety, the impact on the historic character and visual amenities of the Race Common.”

In case any of our members are confused by the Facebook posts which claim to be from Friends of St. Marys Lands Group members, we should remind you that our Group was set up by Nigel Hamilton when he lived in Warwick.  It was set up to oppose the hotel and any further development of the lands.  Nigel, as chairman, led a very successful group that was legitimately constituted and recognised by Warwick District Council.  It was an original member of the St. Marys Lands Working Party. He has now moved out of the Warwick area and resigned.

Please note that we have our own Facebook page – New Friends of St. Mary’s Lands.

By virtue of paying a subscription and agreeing to the aims of our Group, which have never changed, our members are the only ones who have voting rights on any proposals put forward for St. Marys Lands by the Friends of St Marys lands.

We wish all our members well and hope that you have managed to safely overcome the problems presented by Covid-19.  We shall update you with any developments and hope to see you all at our next AGM to be held as soon as it is safe to do so.

The Committee

Friends of St. Marys Lands