Proposals to revise Dog Orders

A report presented to Warwick District Council’s Licensing Committee recommended: –

“3.4.2 Dogs on Lead to be extended to include Warwick Racecourse (when crossing the track either way at the designated public access points).

The Licensing & Regulatory Committee authorise a statutory consultation, for 4 weeks on the proposals outlined below.”

However, suggestions have been made that the area being considered is the footpath around the racecourse.

We have seen a huge amount of activity on social media which demonstrates the strong sentiment of many FoSML members as well as the wider dog-owning community in and around the Warwick area.

We’re keen to understand any evidence that more Dog Wardens are required.  If it is to enforce picking up dog waste, then we would suggest that the evidence of over-full bins prove that the waste is already being picked up by most owners.  

 We would, of course, urge WDC to provide more waste bins and improve the bin emptying.  FoSML encourage owners to restrict their dogs from running on the actual racecourse track, 

The proposals to further restrict our dogs on many open spaces in Warwick, Leamington, and Kenilworth were apparently shared with very few Councillors.

We understand that the views of our Councillors will be sought and if you’re not in favour of dogs being forced to stay on leads please speak to your Councillors.  Do give them your opinion and let’s try to retain the much-needed freedom of well-behaved dogs in Warwick.

Contact details for the councillors representing St. Mary’s Lands are as follows:-

tel. no 332712 or 07904 400563  tel. 07968 552157  tel. 07810 432040

Residents in other areas can find their local councillor on

An email addressed to will reach all Warwick District Councillors.

Please pass the message to other dog walkers

This is a highly contentious issue and a consultation should not be taking place during the Covid-9 restrictions.