Fences for birds, St Marys Lands, Warwick

The Friends of St. Mary’s Lands are vehemently opposed to the latest proposals from Warwick District Council.  They plan to fence off a huge area of St. Mary’s Lands to protect 11 pairs of nesting birds when it is more important than ever for our well-being to be able to access and enjoy our local open spaces.  We are also aghast at their plans to spend over £4m on “improvements” to the golf area, including nearly £2m on remodelling the golf course to achieve a 40% reduction!  The £1,570,000 CIL and section 106 money could be put to far greater community use. To profligate spending on this obscene scale is indefensible and we are calling on our Warwick councillors to help defend this beautiful open space – our old Warwick Common. 

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Friends of St. Mary’s Lands