Footbridge over A46 Warwick By Pass

There is a petition asking Warwick County Highways to construct a footbridge to link Hampton Magna with St Marys Lands footpaths. The details are here.

The Friends of St Marys Lands committee have discussed and are asking for your help. Please support and enhance the access to the Common.

Location of new bridge


The A46 was built in the 1960s-70s and cut across a public footpath running from Hampton-on-the-Hill/Hampton Magna to Warwick

A gap was left in the crash barrier so that, theoretically, pedestrians wishing to continue using the footpath could cross the A46.

However, in reality, anyone crossing a four-lane carriageway with a 70mph speed limit is severely risking their life. According to the Department for Transport Road Safety Web Publication No. 16 pg.12, risk of pedestrian fatality when struck by the front of a car at 30 mph is 10%. At 70mph, it is 100% – no one could survive. 

This means that, in effect, people from the village who prefer to use the more environmentally friendly way of walking rather than driving to reach their nearest town have no choice but to take a circuitous route around the paved roadways in order to cross the A46. This route takes them approximately double the time and double the distance.

In addition, local ramblers are unable to enjoy a country walk without having to make a detour around the paved roadways to reach St Mary’s Lands, spoiling the enjoyment of our beautiful countryside for everyone.

This petition is calling for Warwickshire County Highways to construct a long overdue footbridge across the A46 to restore the contiguity of the public footpath as soon as possible.

Petition is here:-