Damage to the racing track

Andre Klein from the Racecourse has made a request on Facebook for users of the lands to assist him in protecting the vulnerable surface. The details are below and weshould should help in these very wet times. It reads

At the racecourse we are coming into our most important time of year. New Year’s Eve, Classic Chase, Kingmaker Chase are all arriving in the coming weeks. It’s when our good reputation is put on the line….

Although we have no public attendances we are still racing, and racing is our business and reason for existence.

With the rough old weather we are having, we are facing an uphill battle to keep the track in a condition that will be considered safe for horses and jockeys.

So we are asking for your help and understanding!

We are hoping racecourse users will consider a short diversion instead of using the footpath in front of the final steeplechase. This can become a boggy mess at the best of times even with our talented ground staff managing it.

Right now…its in a shocking state, and the racecourse inspectors could easily make the very costly decision to not allow our next race meeting to go ahead, if it gets much worse.

The situation is that serious.

If people can make the effort to walk down to the caravan crossing instead of using this footpath it would be massively appreciated!!

Thank you!!!”

The photos clearly display the various battles we are facing at the moment.