FoSML represent the public

An example of recent comments from the public on social media  (as not everyone uses Facebook.)

“I think that means that there is no way to cross through along the top of the zone 2(mostly fenced) back across by football pitches to racecourse and identified racecourse crossing near car park. This small walk is currently the maximum I can do due to fibromyalgia. Also, to note you would not be able to go up the hill to the top bench from this side or walk behind the caravan site? Why is the fencing not going where the rope fence has been in the past years making a small triangle around just zone 4?”

“That is just about 50% of St Marys lands! All for 11 pairs of skylarks! I would like to know if previous years of fencing as increased numbers ( Ed , no it has not) . Think humans becoming an endangered species there, there are so many obstructions to perfectly legitimate activities!!!”

“With local elections in May, it would be interesting to know the views of all candidates regarding St Marys Lands and how it can be safeguarded for the future?”

“Restructuring the Working Party. Have an equal representation from general public versus WDC and stakeholders to ensure that projects are proportional to the wider use of the lands. Meeting minutes posted and transparent. Agreed works communicated in good time. Financials made available! Updates on the affect of changes implemented positive or negative. Just to start!.

“There certainly needs to be more transparency and more consultation/engagement with the wider community. Oh hang on that’s what the councils for”