Misleading Notice

The notice that has been recently added to a gate is misleading.

It leads the reader to believe that the hard surface is primarily for vehicles.

It is not, it is a shared resource for walkers (dog and no dog related) , cyclists and powered vehicles.

 A member recently commented “Of course signs are there to be read!

-But sometimes it’s what a sign fails to say! There is no mention if a speed limit, on the Service Road!—It behoves all users in the interests of health and safety, to give way as needed. In a spirit of mutual cooperation. From memory, members of the public were encouraged to use the road, an obvious alternative to walking on the actual racecourse (though since the covid pandemic, walkers bunching on the road can be a problem) Now I realise that all of this could not be added to the sign. A precis of it would be needed!”

The FoSML position is clear and the secretary has been asked to write to Councillor Bartlett. We will keep you up to date with responses.