More questions on paths. St.Mary’s lands Warwick.

Yes I know we have been there before! Today, like perhaps a thousand times, spread over six decades and like a strong gravitational pull. – I took the walk down from the woods alongside Gog Brook. An aesthetic enhancement to walkers’ lives, on the edge of the countryside! — I noted the extensive racecourse preparation, assiduous efforts on the part of the workers. — But note the picture!! – Then I came up against this!! – Not an intractable problem to clear the ‘ road block ‘ and make everyone happy !!!  (Les Kent)

@Andre LW Klein. What is different to the upcoming racing that is different to historical racing that warrants the boundary moving out into the encroaching hedges? Sorry I’m not into racing so struggle to understand.

I trust that once this special race has taken place the boundary will be moved back out?

Also time is running out for the hedgerows maintenance before the birds start nesting.

Your feedback is much appreciated. This route is my preferred walk; especially so these days to avoid the newby masses walking 3 and 4 abreast that refuse to give space in these covid times. (Seen on social media)

Could some of the reason that people want to walk off the paths be the current state of the pathways? See below

footpath- Jubilee wood to common.