Rights of Way Issues St. Mary’s Lands Warwick

Comment from member   And so continues the erosion of access to our open space in Warwick.

Noted this morning that markings for post holes have been marked out around or at least the front edge of the large area in the middle of the Common.

With the Jockey Club closing footpaths we will be herded into even smaller areas of the common.

I would have thought from the eco reports that the fencing is wasting Council Tax money that could be spent on much more appropriate Council Services.

Even with taking our concerns to Councillors they chose to ignore them and have No Respect for their constituents in any way.

Local Elections will make no difference in my mind as all parties are tarred with the same brush.

FoSML have been trying to complain, on your behalf, about enforcement of Rights of Way. Specifically, about WB13a.  If you wish to contact the correct person yourself about this, or any other right or way, the details are below

“To Mr. Richard Barnard, Enforcement and Maintenance Officer, Warwickshire County Council


Dear Mr. Barnard,

Thank you for your telephone call yesterday regarding the obstruction of right of way WB13a.

I just wanted to confirm what you told me as follows.

“You have received various emails of complaint re the above and this matter is obviously emotional and has conflicting points of view.

You have arranged for a site meeting with the Racecourse and will be accompanied by your Divisional Manager to try to find a sensible solution, which is not easy.

It is clear that people have a right to use the pathway but the Racecourse have a right to manage it.  You need to find an amicable solution to satisfy everyone and try to rationalise the whole thing.

You will write back to the people who have emailed you.

You would welcome any further information that the Friends could provide.”

I have therefore given below extracts from information that we have sent to the St. Mary’s Lands Working Party regarding this problem, together with emails and a copy of the 1984 Act of Parliament.

Meanwhile, I assume that the right of way will be open until this matter is resolved?

Linda Bromley


Members report a significant increase in walkers on the Common recently, reflecting its popularity and obvious welfare benefits to the public.

“The Home Office strongly recommends that the Council engages in an open and public discussion to give the users of the public space the opportunity to comment on whether the proposed restrictions are appropriate, proportionate, or needed at all.”